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Monday, November 22, 2010

2nd acrylic adventure, same style

This painting was started with the paint splatters below, the same style as my last post. Once again, it was fun and freeing. I really like this picture, especially how the background turned out. I have made cards from this painting for the group I belong to "Creative Path Artists". We are going to share cards as a Christmas gift (4 cards to each person). There are 6 of us in the group so I will have 20 other artist cards, I can hardly wait!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is the final painting that I completed for an excersize for the Advanced Water Media Class I am taking with Sharon Lynn Williams. She has an excellent description on her blog, dated Nov 4 on This is a class that is for advanced water colour or acrylic painters. I am just learning what acrylic can do. Go to the bottom of the post and follow it up for the steps taken. I am going to mat this picture for a fund raiser (silent auction) at our MRU Bachelor of Nursing program Christmas Luncheon.
I had to go back in and define the flowers hanging down near the table and put the edge on the vase again on mine. Flowers, leaves and stems were also defined more. I really learnt alot about transparent, translucent and opaque painting with acrylic. This is so different and so much more forgiving than watercolour.

The vase was highlighted with white and the flowers were defined further with transparent and opaque colours, really fun. This is the Sharon's finished picture.

More flowers were "defined/blocked in" on Sharon's picture again.

This was the next step (Sharon's picture). The whole painting is using the same 3 colours plus white. I painted the table using a transparent wash (with water). The blue background was an opaque with white. The "holes" were painted with the blue and the vase with opaque around the edges and transparent green (yellow/blue).

This is how we started this excerise, by splattering a red, blue and yellow, letting it dry and doing it again.The water colour paper was dry and we held our brushes sideways. I loved this part, just playing!