Thursday, September 21, 2017

Travel Sketches in UK #1

 Starting our holiday to England, sketching to pass the time. On the flight I was to tired and uninterested in playing the solitaire game on the screen so drew it instead. When I started drawing using my brain, the cards (Jack) were not laid out properly. Using my eyes and really looking corrected the problem.

Travelling around London for the day with Lucy Hart. We went on a train, tube and double decker bus. We had soooo much fun. There is so much going on and so much to see. Everything from the hustle bustle on the roads, to beautiful Hyde, Green and St. James parks. We ate raw walnuts knocked out of trees, watched the Queen's guards marching, Canadian goose and white swans happily being left alone, toured around Convent Gardens and stopped for a Pimm's (Lucy's treat and must try).

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Spring Mix In Blue

"Spring Mix in Blue"
10" x 8"
Oil on canvas board

The reference for this painting was taken and shared by Teri Sanders in an online course I was enrolled in. Teri graciously shared photographs for others in the class to paint and I loved this one.

The pot reminded me of a white enamel coffee pot my Grandmother had (chipped and well worn) and now my sister cherishes.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ready To Play

This painting is of our neighbour's dock. The beach toys were just beckoning to be used. I loved the bright colours and different shapes, a real "summer at the lake" view. I found it challenging to make the top of the green tube to look like "see through" plastic.

This painting is currently hanging in Gallery 150 in Sicamous, B.C.

"Ready To Play"
20" x 24" oil on panel (framed)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Smokey B.C.

"Smokey B.C."
8" x 10" en plein air oil painting on canvas board

Surprisingly this is my favourite painting of the summer. I painted this outside and tried to capture the colours that I saw on Mara Lake, the town of Sicamous and mountains behind. The sky was heavy with smoke most of the summer from all the forest fires and this view was to familiar. I love the rawness and textural element in this one. As someone who loves colour, I was surprised how much this one pleases me.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

EVB&P outing for en plein air

 "Hot Blossoms"
8" x 10"   En plein air oil on canvas board

"Hide and Seek"
8" x 10" En plein air oil on canvas board

I painted these two on a beautiful and hot day with the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette Club in/from Jean Ellithorpe's beautiful yard. Jean had chairs and small seating areas all around her stunning property. Artists were working in ink, pencil, water colour and oil and the variety of subjects and styles were very interesting. Although she thought her flowers were past their prime, there were plenty of varieties for everyone to draw or paint. Ornaments in the garden were beautiful, entertaining and a few had me chuckling. The ducks were having their fun in the lake and I loved trying to paint them while they bobbed up and down.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Arbor of Bounty - Grape Escape Series #8

"Arbor Of Bounty"
#8 in Grape Escape Series
12" x 12" Oil on canvas framed
Photo reference:  Joan Keating

I am enjoying painting this grape series in different sizes and shapes. I haven't worked in a square format for quite awhile and really enjoyed it.My plan is to paint a series of 10 different paintings of the same subject. This is my second series, the first was a series of 50 small flower paintings. The photo references were fun to work with as well.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Golden Globes - Grape Escape Series

"Golden Globes"
#7 in Grape Escape Series
20" x 24"   Oil on board, framed

I was telling my friend Joan Keating that I wanted to paint a series of 10 paintings with grapes in them. She sent me wonderful photos she had taken on her many travels and this is my rendition in oil. Joan has been supplying me with titles as well. It is great having friends support me on my art journey! This painting will be on display in the SACU (Salmon Arm Credit Union) in Sicamous B.C. tomorrow until the end of September.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Artisan Coffee - Art talk August 22

This was painted with coffee for an art talk with the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette Club at the Sicamous Public Library on August 22 from 1 pm to 2 pm. This talk will showcase the various art done within this club. My portion of the talk will be on painting with coffee and oil painting. If you are in the area and interested, please join us. Paintings will be on display in the library until the talk for everyone to enjoy and have an idea what will be on the itinerary.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sweet Bunch - Grape Escape Series #6

"Sweet Bunch"
#6 in Grape Escape Series
9" x 12"  Oil on canvas board

The reference photo for this painting is from a picture Joan Keating took on her travels. I loved the contrast of the warm browns and reds with the cool blues. Painted as another great diversion from the flood watch on Mara Lake.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Winesome - Grape Escape Series - #5

#5 in the Grape Escape Series
10" x 8" Oil on canvas board

Not only does my friend Joan Keating help me with names for this series, she also sent me some photos she has taken on her travels. I used one of Joan's photo's for this painting. I loved the contrast of the red vines and leaves with the green leaves and of course the dark fruit.

I am not sure if these are grown for wine or eating but they sure looked good.