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Monday, September 17, 2018

Harvest Gold

I love the fall colours and peaceful feeling in this painting. The warm sun on the hay bales casting cool shadows. It feels like the work is done and it is time for rest.

"Harvest Gold"
16" x 20" Oil on canvas

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Spring Creek Falls

"Spring Creek Falls"
11" x 14"  Oil, framed

This oil painting is for sale in Gallery One Fifty in Sicamous, B.C. until it's seasonal closing on September 15. I painted this based on a photo of Sicamous Creek that I had taken last summer. I was inspired to paint a water scene after taking an acrylic workshop with Graham Flatt. I enjoyed transferring what I had learnt using oil instead of acrylic and am happy with the result.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Early Morning Mist

This sweet little painting was inspired by the misty view on Mara Lake when I got up early to go dragon boat paddling. The lake was shimmering in places and still in others. With the smokey skies lifting a little, this view is a slice of heaven for me. If you are in Sicamous summer, you will have to come out and give dragon boat paddling a try, breath taking in more ways than one! They welcome guests! This group of paddlers are so much fun, you get a good work out with a lot of laughing (join us after for coffee as well).

"Early Morning Mist"
8" x 10"  Oil on panel

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Deck View

 It is quite amazing what light will do. The photo on the left was taken indoors with the lights on, the one below was taken outside, even though the sun was being filtered through smokey skies from the province's forest fires.

I started drawing this out on location but the light was so dull it was quite uninteresting. This is the view of Mara Lake from Hyde Mountain Golf Course in Sicamous, B.C. This is one of my favourite views to paint en plein air.

The finished painting at the bottom can be viewed at Gallery One-Fifty in Sicamous B.C. until Sept 15.

"Deck View"
28" x 32" Oil on wood panel, framed

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Your Art Show Invitation

I am sooooooo excited to have this art show with two other painters that I started my art journey with, Debbie Adams and Linda Clowes. We have been each other's cheer leaders and critics over our journey so far. All three of us have been juried into The Federation of Canadian Artists as well as The Calgary Sketch Club. A lot of growth and frustration in our art journey and lives have been shared.

Allison Keating and Joan Keating are also two long time friends who do beautiful pottery and will have their unique pieces for sale.

Please join us in celebrating our art and each other.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sketch Stalking

I have attended "Music In The Park" in Sicamous, B.C. and "WOW - Wednesday On (the) Wharf" in Salmon Arm B.C.This is a free weekly live  music family event that I bring a sketch book to and try to sketch the moving people (also known as Urban Sketching). My sister Shannon coined it "Sketch Stalking". Sometimes I have other sketchers with me like my sister-in-law Marg. We try and sketch discreetly so we don't get to many onlookers, interests and questions. These are not portraits but as much as we can get while they are still.

The lady on the right in the family photo had come up behind me during the musician's break and said "Looks like you are sketching my family", I was pleased they were recognizable as humans never mind her family. Her grand-kids came over and pointed out themselves and who I had not drawn yet. I only had time and energy to sketch the Dad and then closed up my book. I had also done a couple of pages of partial people as they moved or left.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Worth The Hike

This was a fun painting to do with our beautiful Rocky Mountain range in the background. This was painted in acrylic and I really had fun with the colours in every part of this painting.

This painting was sold in Gallery 150 in Sicamous, B.C.

"Worth The Hike"

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Walking In Peace

"Walking In Peace"
9" x 10" Pastel on paper

I painted this with pastels for the 30th Annual Ribbon Fair at the Armstrong Spallumcheen Art Gallery.

 I was pleased with a second place ribbon in the pastel category. This is the first year I was able to enter one painting in each of the categories and will try to do it again next year. It is an interesting goal as I do not normally paint or draw in all the categories.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Golfers Haven

 This is one of my favourite views at Hyde Mountain Golf Course in Sicamous B.C. It has been so hot that I wanted to get out and paint before the heat of the day. I was set up by 6:45a.m. and happily painted. The sky was pink and hazy from forest fires around the province. I had to quit as the pink had disappeared and all the colours were changing especially in the shadows. Loved the happy sounds of the golfers getting ready for their tee off time.

"Golfers Haven"
8" x 10" En plein air oil painting

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Family Huddle

This was painted en plein air in Sicamous B.C. standing at the edge of my brother and sister-in-law's home. They have so many flowers and interesting objects in their yard to choose from. So many people walking by told me how much they enjoyed "my" yard on their walks. Yes I did fess up to it not being mine. One fellow stopped his car to tell me his wife was painting as well on her back deck so I dropped by when I was done and met a new art friend,
how great is that!

"Family Huddle"
10" x 8" Oil on 1 1/2" deep canvas