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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ingrid Christensen's Still Life Course

I started a "Still Life and Figure" course taught by Ingrid last week. I am working in oil and she paints in a very loose, impressionistic and exciting way. It is a very different way for me to work.Ingrid sets up 2 still life displays and half the class paints each one. Deb from my Creative Path Artist group is also taking this course,  making it even more fun to share with our different styles.

 I am not particularily interested in either subject matter, more in the "how" than the "what". I am hoping to work on the paintings I do in the beginning of the course and finish them at the end of the course. That way I don't have to be unhappy with my work as I consider them unfinished pieces. 

This is my first effort:
First still life 16x12 Oil on birch board
click on picture for a larger view

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Restful Summer Memories

I needed something that would be mellow to paint, something I could lose myself in, take a mental break from the clatter in my brain. I found it in this picture Sue Bingham  took  in Chase. It was a wonderful picture of a dock ladder, very calm water and mountains that feel like they are resting as well. Sue is generous with her art of picture taking and allows me to paint to my heart's content (a huge thank you!). I hope you find it peaceful, calm and inviting memories.

10.5" x 14" Water colour on 200lb paper
White double archival mat to fit 16"x20" frame $150
Click on picture to enlarge