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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oil painting as an MRU Grad gift

This is a painting I did from a photo Curtis (our son) took early in the morning of the plane he was about to fly. The sky colours were amazing and reflected perfectly on the white plane. I painted this in oil as a grad gift for Curtis as he graduates from Mount Royal University with a Commercial Aviation diploma. We are very proud of him!

 The painting currently hangs in the Mount Royal University library as part of the 100 year anniversary for MRU. I surprised him with the gift by showing it to him hanging in the library.

Oil painting 16 x 20 MRU Grumman Cougar plane

Friday, April 22, 2011

Another MRU mural panel (#166)

I was invited to paint another panel for the MRU 100 year celebration mural. This mural and information can be looked at: This panel is not on the website yet. My previous panel is #48 is up on the website. My son's panel (Curtis Oliver) is not showing on the website yet either. I had to work with the base colours and shapes on the panel so it will fit in the final picture. The original panel shows when you click on the individual pictures as well as the write up and fuller view on the website. The completed mural and final picture will be celebrated in September, I can hardly wait!!!

Panel #166  “Transition to University – old logo to new”
The old College logo, new University logo, and 100 year anniversary logo are all celebrated on this panel.
The MRU 100 logo is also a small piece of the university’s history as it represents this historical year. The cougar tracks are across both to represent our mascot and to celebrate the continued journey.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fall in Chase

This oil painting is my interpretation of a beautiful fall day taken by Sue Bingham in Chase, B.C. Her photographs are often an inspiration for me and she willingly shares her talents. I love pictures I feel invited into!

I was painting this in the Robert Wood's class and Deb suggested that I paint the sky in the background instead of the brown hill. Robert helped with the colour and he added the blue on the ground and tree trunks for me. It was amazing to see it brighten up further. It was such a bold use of a colour that was not in the picture! I really did not like it until it was added to the trees. This photo does not show the colours in the painting well.

Oil on canvas 16" x 20" 1/2" deep with painted sides, no frame required

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bronte, a pet dog portrait

My good friend Joan sent me a picture of Bronte with her Xmas bow tie on when I requested one to use as a resource to try and paint another dog. I changed the colour of the tie and did not paint the Christmas tree in the background. I really enjoyed painting Bronte as she is so expressive, a really loving, pet me, pet me, tail wagging friendly spirit. I painted her with acrylic on birch board. I have this portrait framed in a metal frame and have her up on our coffee room wall at work (for a little while)...fitting as she likes people so much!!

"Bronte" Acrylic on Birch board approx. 13" x 15"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finished oil painting

I had a hard time trying to get the background hills/mountains the right value, but am really happy with the finished picture. It evokes the feeling of calm and warmth to me. Again the photo is more muted than the painting.

Oil on canvas 16" x 20" 1/2" deep with painted sides, no frame required.