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Monday, December 16, 2013

Toast to Maui Sunset #1

This painting is from the end of a week's holiday in Maui. The sunsets are quick but beautiful. The wineglass was filled with beautiful sunset colours reflected in the white wine. The wine like the sunset, quickly disappeared!

"Toast to Maui Sunset #1"
Oil on canvas panel    9" x 12"
I plan on doing at least 3 different paintings of this scene (hence the #1) in different sizes and colours.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Drop in Figure Drawing/Painting

What fun last night was! I finally went to a figure drawing/painting open time (no instruction). There were artists drawing in pencil, pastel, water colour and oil painting. The model was accidentally booked for the wrong night so the moderator did short poses (clothed). The moderator was wearing a heavy long sweater and jeans.

 I worked in oils and just wiped my board off after each pose. Luella beside me gave me a piece of paper and suggested I try to paint on it so I could layer and add colour (bottom painting). It felt really dry and I had to really push the paint to move it initially but will certainly do that again. I took photos of some of the quick studies before I wiped them off my board.

If any other Calgary artists are interested, it is drop in on Monday nights from 6pm-9pm at Atlantis Framing. It appears that most of the artists there come weekly. Next week is also pot luck so bring a plate, utensils and something to share!

I was just wiping off the lighted area of the face when time was up.

This one looks scary but I was just starting to wipe out the paint in the lit area of the face and hand.

This one is on paper wrapped around my board. A longer pose with time to get the shapes in better but no details.

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Nanking Cherries"

I started this painting at the end of Dreama Tolle Perry's workshop in May. Life seriously went sideways and I finally just finished it. It certainly feels good to be painting again!

"Nanking Cherries"
Oil on linen panel 8"x8"