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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sherry Telle's FCA workshop - Inks on Yupo (post #2)

"Flowering Imagination"
10" x 10" Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

These are the second group of paintings I did in the afternoon of Sherry Telle's Calgary FCA workshop "Ink's on Yupo Paper. After lunch Sherry did a second demo and I worked on the larger pieces of paper and one tile. This time I tried to go further with the inks, trying designs and used a photographic reference (for the next one)  rather than just random...and had even more fun! I was happily exhausted at the end of the day.

"Mara Lake"
10" x 10" Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

                     "Nature's Flow"                    
6" x 4" Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper                          "Rising Moon"
                                                                                                6" x 4" Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

"Strutting His Stuff"
6" x 4" Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sherry Telle's FCA workshop - Inks on Yupo

"Flowering Fun"
6" x 4" alcohol ink on Yupo paper

Yesterday the Calgary Chapter of the FCA had very fun "alcohol ink on Yupo paper" workshop with the ever engaging Sherry Telle. We all had so much fun. After
Sherry's instruction, we worked on small 4" x 6" Yupo paper just to get an idea of how the medium worked. I absolutely loved the vibrancy of the colours and it felt like watching a living organism as it moved on it's own.

6" x 4" Alcohol ink on Yupo paper

"Bubble Dance"
10" x 10" Alcohol ink on Yupo paper

Friday, January 8, 2016

Glacier County

The photo resource I used for this painting was taken by Doug Swinton of the Emigrant Pass area in Glacier County, Montana.

I loved the way the mountain stands almost protecting the calm and peaceful scene below. The photo still has the sheen of very wet oil paint. This is one of the larger paintings I have done, a great way to start a new year of painting.

"Glacier County 2"
20" x 30" Oil on board

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Favourite 2015 Painting - Waiting For Playtime

It was interesting to review the paintings I had put on my blog in 2015, looking for growth, changes, colour choices and size. I was also looking for my favourite and was surprised by how many I really like, it was like trying to pick a favourite child. I liked the paintings for different reasons.

The ones I was really drawn to are the ones that I painted as gifts for specific people. While I paint I think about the person (and pets) and enjoy the whole process. My second grouping of favourites is when I paint "en plein air" or outdoors on location, all at one time. The sights, sounds, changing weather, sun and visitors passing by are all infused in the magic of the moment.

Interesting enough the painting below came out as my favorite. I have it on the wall at our cabin and because we spent the Christmas break out there, this painting commands space and attention while still being warm. Everything out there is in shades of grey and white with the low clouds and snow. This was also my largest painting of the year.

"Waiting For Playtime"
40" x 30" Oil on gallery wrap (painted 1 1/2" edges - framing not required)