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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plein Air at Forgetmenot Pond, Kananaskis

I took a one day plein air class with Peter Potapoff at Forgetmenot Pond in Kananaskis. It was a sunny but blustery windy day. We painted beside a stream and tried to paint something close and small (compared to the huge vista and views). It was really interesting and challenging in how quickly the acrylic paint dried on the board, palette and even brush in the sunny and windy outdoors.

As a visual learner Peter was kind enough to show me what he was explaining to meon my painting. I haven't decided if I am going to add more blue (from the sky) in the water reflections, but am considering it done right now. I will have to live with it for awhile. Standing outside painting with a drying palette filled with paint (ok for indoors), water bucket on the ground and hair blowing in my face was certainly a different painting challenge.

I learned a lot about what supplies to bring (and what to leave home!) and now have started a birthday/Christmas list. Peter is passionate about painting outdoors and shares his knowledge generously. He has classes through Calgary School of Art if anyone is interested.

Acrylic on Birch Board
10.5" x 13" framed in a metal (silver) frame
click on picture for larger image

This is our group with Peter on the left. You can see how windy it is by the wind pushing against my pants! I don't know how the guys did it, but I couldn't keep a hat on my head!

Monday, July 25, 2011

View of Sicamous, B.C. from Mara Lake

This oil painting was done on holidays with our view of Sicamous. The colours in the lake contrasting with the white buildings (White Sands condos) on the shore front is what attracted me. This is a favorite spot that I always bring my paints to, but usually do not paint as there is to much to do. 

For something new, I added the twitter and facebook share buttons so hopefully someone will find it useful to share art on this blog that they may find interesting. I am still learning what I can do on this blog. 

View of Sicamous across Mara Lake
Oil on birch board, unframed 11"x14"
click on painting for a larger view

Friday, July 8, 2011

Snickers, a dog portrait

This beautiful elderly lab is my brother's best friend. He has been with Ken from a pup and is definitely a one man dog. My friend Karen Hiebert took Snicker's picture (and many more reference photo's) on her new camera on the sly for me. I painted this picture in oil on birch board, framed it in Calgary and dropped the picture at his cabin when he was out for the day. I wish I could of seen his reaction as he did not know I was painting it for him. Snickers is near the end of his life and I wanted to capture his presence and his aging features.
Snickers Oil on birch board 12x16 Not For Sale
Click on picture for a close up view

Below is the photograph taken by my friend Karen Hiebert.