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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dancing Shadows

I loved all the flowers that grew in random places in Mexico. They popped over the stucco fences seemingly warming in the sun. The shadows were forever changing in the slight breeze.

"Dancing Shadows"
20" x 16" Oil on canvas

Friday, May 26, 2017

End Of A Great Day

"End of A Great Day"
16" x 20" Oil on canvas - framed

This painting is in the juried Federation of Canadian Artists - Calgary Chapter "Absolutely Art" Show at the Earl Grey Golf Course in Calgary tonight 4pm - 9pm and Saturday 10am - 5pm.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Enderby Cliffs

This large painting is one of my current favourites. I painted a smaller panel "en plein air" (on location, outdoors) and loved the whole feeling and wanted to capture it in a large format. The sun was getting ready to go down and the lighting on the cliffs behind was magnificent with the brightly lit foreground. I had initially had the value of the mountain to dark and detailed and with the more muted tones and less detail it sat back instead of competing with the foreground (thanks Doug). 

"Enderby Cliffs"
20" x 24"
#20023517        Oil on panel

Thursday, May 18, 2017


9" x 12"   Oil on canvas

This is a commissioned painting of a very young King Charles Spaniel as a Mother's Day gift. Rupert is primarily black with brown, tan and white. The challenge in this painting for me was that I did not use black at all. The obvious cute factor and expression was interesting to try and capture. I enjoyed this painting in my art studio and no matter which way I moved, Rupert was watching me.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Where Poppies Bloom

"Where Poppies Bloom"
11" X 14"   Oil on canvas

There were beautiful poppies beside the old rail beds that were turned into a cycle/walking route through Spain. I loved the contrast of the new blossoming flowers with the very old stone farm houses and buildings.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tulip Festival - Calgary Sketch Club Painting Exchange

"Tulip Festival"
9" x 12"  Oil on canvas 
This painting was my celebration of spring. It always makes me happy to see tulips begin to open and show their brilliant colours. I took this painting to our Calgary Sketch Club awards and wind up party last Thursday. I sat beside Tami and we both commiserated on bringing a painting that we did not care for to our first wind up club party. At our party who ever wants to participate brings a painting and then a draw is done where the # you pull out corresponds to the painting you get. The choices were beautiful. Tami and I were sitting beside each other. I drew my number and it was Tami's beautiful painting then Tami drew a number and it was my painting, we had a good laugh over that.

This is my beautiful painting by Tami Hort
Resin on Oil  20" x 10"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Heading In For Lunch

"Heading In For Lunch"
8" x 10" Oil on canvas board
This painting was based on a photo Doug Swinton took. He is very generous with his photo references and often pulls one out that will challenge or would work in that student's style. I really enjoyed painting this one and how it turned out.