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Monday, April 30, 2012

Early Morning Flower Series #8 and #9

Early Morning Flower Series #8
6" x 6" Oil on Board

This was fun as it was a farther away view of the vase and flowers. Less detail than in the same flowers below painted another morning. Muted flowers this time with a bright background. Painting with sunny yellow is a great way to start a day!

Early Morning Flower Series #9 - SOLD
6" x 6" Oil on Board

Love, love, love this one! Playing with my new Caribean Blue and back to looser painting. Again trying for new colour combinations. This one was fun to do and now fun to view!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Malek's Bear

Malek's Bear
12" x 16" Oil on canvas

I had started this bear in Ingrid's class but did not have time to finish it there. I thought it would be a perfect gift for my co-worker Nina, pregnant with their first child. As Nina and Kevin did not know the sex of their baby, I had to wait for the baby's arrival, a (healthy boy they named Malek) before I could put the baby's initials on the block. Their last name begins with a "W". As it is an oil painting, the problem was getting it done in time for it to dry before the shower! Nina said this would be the first decoration for Malek's room!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake
Oil on board 6" x 6"

Happy Birthday Curtis! I decided to create a cake for our son's birthday today. We love wine gums and the single 5 cent candies, usually decorating our family birthday cakes with them. Curtis doesn't live at home so this is my way of making a cake just for him.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Early Morning Flower Series #6 and #7

Early Morning Flower Series #6
6" x 6" Oil on Board

I had received a gift certificate for an art store and searched high and low for a special treat...ta da...Caribean Blue (from Holland Classic). It is a very bold colour and it doesn't need much paint to add some zing. I am still going to have to be bolder with it in upcoming paintings, it is truly beautiful!!

Early Morning Flower Series #7
6" x 6" Oil on Board
Again, a new take on this one with very muted colours and a criss cross pattern for the leaves in the background. I painted the flower with hard edges as well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Early Morning Flower Series #5

Morning Flower Series #5
6" x 6" Oil on board

Now you must be able to see how much fun I had with this one! I was really trying to change it up after I saw how much the last two looked similar. I am not stressing myself out trying to complete one in one early morning go and it seems so much more enjoyable now. I am really having fun with these!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Early Morning Flower Series #3 and #4

Morning Flower Series #3
6" x 6" Oil on board

This is the third early morning painting. As stated in the last blog, Helen inspired me with her early morning/before work small paintings. Well I tried and the half an hour goes by way to fast, I just want to keep going as I am not done! Alas, the work bell tolls and off I go. The good news is I can hardly wait to get home and finish the painting. I have not been able to work on any bigger pieces since I finished Ingrid's class, due to time constraints.

Morning Flower Series #4
6" x 6" Oil on board

I was surprised when I posted this, how similar the backgrounds are. I painted these and set them aside to dry and had not noticed the similarity until I photographed them. I really enjoy the looseness and not getting bogged down in details due to time constraints. It certainly is easy to pop out of bed early in the morning to paint.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speed painting - Flower series

Flower series #1 6"x6" Oil on board

Helen inspired me with her quick paintings of faces. She got up early in the morning, set her timer for 1/2 an hour and that is the time she had to paint before getting ready to work. I loved her free and loose paintings, they had such energy! I decided to give it a try myself for 4 workdays a week. Instead of faces, my focus will be flowers. Again 1/2 an hour is the time limit (that goes by way to fast).

Flower series #2 6"x6" Oil on board

It is surprisingly easy to get out of bed early to paint, but hard to stop. It is particularily hard when I am not finished or satisfied with where I have stopped. I may go back into them at a later date.