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Monday, August 29, 2016

Rainy Day On The Lake

 June was really rainy in Sicamous B.C. and so the outdoor painting was not colour filled. I stood under the deck tarp at Hyde Mountain Golf Course trying to stay dry while painting the heavy clouds.

"Rainy Day On The Lake"
en plein air oil on canvas board
8" x 10 "  $80 unframed

The painting below is of another very blustery and raining morning. I made use of Hyde Mountain Golf Course deck once again.

"Grey and Raining"
Plein Air Oil on canvas panel
10" x 8"  $80 unframed

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Morning Flow

This is a larger painting than I normally do plein air but with all the colours in the water and parts of the wet sand bar showing I felt the larger format necessary. I went to the back of "Joe Schmucks" restaurant and campground to have a look and there was no one camping in one spot so I quietly set up my easel and immersed myself in the view. It was challenging to paint such a large size with the light changing so quickly in the early morning.

"Morning Flow"
Plein air oil on board
16" x 20"   $420 framed

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flowers Galore

This plein air floral painting was of flowers in the front yard of my brother and sister-in-law's Sicamous home. They have a very full and vibrant yard so it was hard to focus on one thing. I set my easel up under one of their trees on the boulevard and happily painted away. I was a bit of entertainment for the people walking by and it was interesting to hear their comments about my painting as it was progressing and the yard as they walked behind me. The purple confused some people as I chose to use that colour for the shadow area on the white flowers.

"Flowers Galore"
Plein Air Oil Painting  10" x 8 "
#20023816  $80 unframed

Monday, August 22, 2016

Morning View of Mara Lake

Carolyn came with me up to Hyde Mountain Golf Course to plein air paint for the first time. It was an overcast rainy morning so we huddled under the canopy on the deck and painted away. We were just finishing up as the lunch patrons were arriving to enjoy a delicious lunch on the deck.

"Morning View Of Mara Lake"
Plein Air Oil Painting on canvas panel 12" x 16"
#20022816   $200 unframed

Sunday, August 21, 2016

After The Ceremony

I was given some flowers and decided to put them on the deck and do a "plein air still life". I think I made up that category but it worked for me. I loved concentrating on the flowers while listening to the lake waves roll in. A large umbrella provided the shade I needed.

"After The Ceremony"
14" x 11" Oil on canvas
#20021816  $150 unframed

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Docked at Old Town Bay

This is the fantastic view from the deck at Shuswap Villas of the Old Town Bay and Eagle River mouth below. The colours had changed dramatically from the time I started (overcast) to when I finished (sunny). I am hoping to go back and paint it again in a larger format. The houseboats on the shore pulled out shortly after I painted them in.

"Docked At Old Town Bay" View from Shuswap Villas
8" x 10" plein air oil on canvas panel
#20004816  $80 unframed