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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sicamous, B.C. Annual Art Walk

"Sue's Hydrangea"
16" x 20" Oil on panel

These two paintings are in the Eagle Valley Manor from April until September. If you are in Sicamous, B.C. most of the local businesses have maps with a list of all the art all around town that you can go enjoy at your leisure. It will be fun to do a "walk about" and check out the businesses and find your favorite paintings! It is fun to map read and find the treasure, something free to do as a family on a nonbeach day.


"Red Delight"
Oil on board 14" x 11
This is a picture of the still life set up and my finished painting. I really enjoyed this one with all the different reds as well as lots of colour mingling in the background. The vase was a challenge.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sicamous, B.C. Art Walk 2013

The BC Arts and Culture Week (April 21-27) is the start of the annual Art Walk presented by the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette Club in Sicamous, B.C. The free Art Walk runs from April until September with members paintings in various businesses. There are brochures with maps in each business and you can walk around town and look at the art. The two paintings below are in the Eagle Valley Manor along with 3 others I will post later.
It is a fun day to go from place to place, especially if it is not a warm lake day!
"Red Amaryllis"
Acrylic 16" x 20"
"Northern Flicker"
12" x 16" Oil on board

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Big Hooves To Fill - Juried painting!!

"Big Hooves To Fill"  *SOLD*
Water colour 14" x 19" double matted & framed to 16" x 20"
click on painting for a larger view
 I painted this after I enjoyed a gift of a hot air balloon ride. What interested me was how little I could see of the cows (basically just their backs) and how much the shadow described them. I loved the contrasting shapes.
I am really excited as this painting has been juried into the 11th Annual Juried Members Show at the Leighton Centre (just outside of Calgary). The show is called "Transcending Tradition" and will be on from April 26 through to May 30, 2013. The Public Opening Reception is on Saturday April 27th from 2pm - 4pm. Please enjoy the show if you are in the area, as well as a stroll on the grounds, the views are spectacular!               


Monday, April 8, 2013

Panama Rest

"Panama Rest"
Oil on board 12" x 16"
click on painting for a larger view

This painting is based on a photo our son took while on vacation. I love the long boats and this one felt like the boat owner decided to have a siesta on the beach during the heat of the day. Actually, I was mentally putting myself there as I was painting!

This is a quick sketch Rick Berg did on oil sketch paper to help me understand how to get a curve in the boat as well as the water flow.

Holiday in Palm Springs CA

Hiking in Palm Springs
Water colour 10" x 14" double white mat to 16" x 20"
click on painting for a larger view
We just came back from a week in Palm Springs, a wonderful break from our very unsettled snowy and windy winter weather. Love peeling the layers of clothes off to live in summer clothes - day and evening!
I had painted this picture after the last time I was there. It was satisfying to stand at the same spot and enjoy the same view and another day hiking.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mt. Rundle

"Mt Rundle"
Oil on board 12" x 16"
Click on painting for a larger view

This is a view of the top of Mt. Rundle that I get to admire from afar and then up closer as we drive on the highway from B.C back to Alberta. You can see it from quite a distance and it keeps coming in and out of view as you go around corners. I love the jagged top and the long lines of rock, gullies and trees. I find that it is a very striking view from any angle and love the peek a boo quality from the highway.

Deb and I enjoyed painting in Rick Berg's class and I worked on this one there. I needed his help to get the depth and was happy with the final painting.