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Thursday, December 9, 2010

More fun with acrylic paint

It has been really hard to take pictures out doors (natural light is the best light to show painted colours). with going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I have to try to remember to take the pictures on the weekend and then post, hence two different paintings and excercises at once. I wish I had time and energy to paint and post 2 pictures each week!

This is a painting based on a picture from our back country ski weekend last year. We skiied (8 of us) across this lake and had lunch on the other side. The excercise was to paint again with translucent, transparent and opaque paint. I enjoyed the color triad I used on this one, getting away from "reality" but still reading and viewing the painting knowing what the subject still is.

This is a second painting of the same subject matter. Again, another different "unrealistic" color pallete with an underpainting in orange. Being able to cover up the underpainting with opaque and transparent washes was really foreign to me. A chance to play with acrylic versus water colour paints. Both pictures have really different feels, one cool and one warm. I am not sure which one I prefer.  

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