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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Acrylic challenge

This was one of the last challenges in my art class. The challenge was to work on a painting from a photograph that I did not know how to paint. We were to break it down to what we were interested in and make the other "stuff" secondary. The other challenge was to paint it completely differently than we were used to doing. This is the final picture.

The "painting it differently' for me was to paint the underpainting in Cad Red Medium and Quin. Crimson. I chose these colours as they were far from reality. Here is a close up of what some of my underpainting looked like:

This is the complicated and challenging picture I was working from. I had taken this picture on a hike and was influenced by the "Y" in the water and the variety of colours. It was so busy I had no idea of where and how to even start this one!

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