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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bronte, a pet dog portrait

My good friend Joan sent me a picture of Bronte with her Xmas bow tie on when I requested one to use as a resource to try and paint another dog. I changed the colour of the tie and did not paint the Christmas tree in the background. I really enjoyed painting Bronte as she is so expressive, a really loving, pet me, pet me, tail wagging friendly spirit. I painted her with acrylic on birch board. I have this portrait framed in a metal frame and have her up on our coffee room wall at work (for a little while)...fitting as she likes people so much!!

"Bronte" Acrylic on Birch board approx. 13" x 15"

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  1. Hi, I really like this cute painting. The colors are really nice! I like the other paintings you have on your blog as well. Looking forward to seeing more!