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Monday, July 25, 2011

View of Sicamous, B.C. from Mara Lake

This oil painting was done on holidays with our view of Sicamous. The colours in the lake contrasting with the white buildings (White Sands condos) on the shore front is what attracted me. This is a favorite spot that I always bring my paints to, but usually do not paint as there is to much to do. 

For something new, I added the twitter and facebook share buttons so hopefully someone will find it useful to share art on this blog that they may find interesting. I am still learning what I can do on this blog. 

View of Sicamous across Mara Lake
Oil on birch board, unframed 11"x14"
click on painting for a larger view

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen, love this painting. I know exactly where it is, I've been there and you have captured the view so well. Keep up the good work!