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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Figure Painting Warm Up

This was a 20 minute warm up with a live model in Ingrid's class. The theme was a model with flowers (in her hair). The purpose of this warm up was to get the basic shapes, placements and local colours blocked in. We worked on an unprimed canvas which made the paint hard to spread. I enjoyed this process and found the speed painting both invigorating and stressful. I wiped this warm up off before Ingrid suggested we keep them for a reference!

This is the second painting of the night (on top of the wiped out canvas). The model was reclining instead of sitting like the warm up. Again, it is not a finished painting, but I certainly learned a lot about painting a figure. I am happy that I captured her position, tones and basic body shape. This painting was also wiped off at the end of the night as I would not have a chance to finish it without a model to view.

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