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Monday, January 28, 2013

"Natures Force" - Encaustic painting #1

"Nature's Force"
16" x 12"  Encaustic painting on board
click on painting for a larger view

This was my first attempt at encaustic painting. I took a 2 day FCA workship with Ken Bourassa instructing.

Beeswax is mixed with a hardener and melted together with slow heat. A thin clear mixture is applied to the board. It is very strange using a brush and having the mixture harden on the brush before you can get it on the board! It is then ironed into the board to melt the wax mixture into all spaces of the board. It hardens into a milky colour. Next the beeswax mixture is added to pigment in small tin foil dishes and you use brushes to paint it on your picture. Between each layer it has to be sealed with a heat gun (or blow torch!). I prefered using a heat gun and had fun with moving some of the layers with it.

This painting was inspired by the ariel photographs our son has taken while working in the Arctic as a pilot for Kenn Borek Air. The yellow is the sun's reflection on the snow caps with the blue iceberg peaking through and the darker ground below.

click on painting for a larger view

This is a closer look at part of the painting to get an idea of some of the colours. It has beautiful bronze highlights with touches of gold.

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