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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Zhaoming Wu Workshop - Portrait

Oil on canvas board
16" x 20"
an unfinished portrait

This is the portrait that I did in a FCA Zhaoming Wu workshop held in Calgary, Alberta. Zhaoming is a master painter and it was an absolute thrill that I was not only able to watch him paint live, but also receive instruction during this 3 day workshop.

He painted the live model portrait in the morning, explaining his steps and then the artists painted in the afternoon. There were 2 models and the artists were in a semi circle painting so each view was different. It is incredibly hard for the model to be still and try and stay in the same position, that is why the look on her face is somber.

I found it really challenging to paint the portrait with her head view changing after each break. Even a few inches made a difference in whether you could see her far cheek and how much of her nose compared to cheek etc. that could be seen. Zhaoming helped me with her nose and that put it together so much nicer...a few strokes was all he needed to add where I probably would of still been trying. I was happy and exhausted at the end of the day! 

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