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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Open Figure Painting

I decided at the last moment to go to an open (no instructor) figure drawing/painting evening. There is a live model who does very short poses while the artists quickly draw and warm up. The model then goes into half an hour poses so there is time to put in more than big shapes. I have only gone once before and although intimidated by the art work created, really enjoyed the experience. This night was no different except for the male model. He was very professional and the whole evening flew by.

I am going to have to go more often as I learn so much by observing and translating the human body. I don't like to draw or go by myself so the whole event is a challenge for me. Here is my art from a couple of the longer poses (covered up for child viewing):

These were done on large newsprint paper 36" x 23" with charcoal, conte and large child sized pastels.


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