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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Encaustic Workshop with Ken Bourassa

Wow, I surpassed all expectations for today's painting challenge! I spent a very productive day at an encaustic (painting with beeswax and hardener) workshop with master encaustic painter Ken Bourassa. I had so many ideas and had to work quickly and through lunch to get some of them down. This medium is very different to work with as the paint hardens on the brush right away. It has to be heated and ironed to seal it which of course can melt the wax right down to the board (I'm good at that). The first painting actually has paint, material, paper and gold flecks embedded into it.

"Autumn Changes"
12" x 8" Encaustic on board

There is actually more tree than this picture shows. When I get a chance I will take another photo. There is also gold fleck on the tree and sun that doesn't show up.

"Come Along For The Ride"
Encaustic 8" x 12" on board

This one inspired me as our friends Laurianne and Chris just signed up for the 2 day MS bike ride. They invited their friends to join them. I put the biker high on the hill to represent the distance they have to do.

"Flooded Bike Path"
12" x 8" Encaustic on board
My brain was working in very different directions today. When Calgary was flooded last year we went on a bike ride only to find the bike path completely washed away...I guess that view has stayed with me.

"Experiment Not Finished"
8" x 12" Encaustic on board
This one is not finished and has a variety of layers that the camera does not capture. I plan on carving more into it when I have time...just ran out of day.

"Which Button?"
12" x 8" Encaustic on board

I love this one! It has 5 homemade beads going down on the top right and 3 going up from the bottom left. These bead were made in honor of the 10 years (last September) my ladies hiking group have been hiking together. Sue and I had made dog tags and beads for each year each hiker had been able to go on our yearly hike to use as a pull tab on their back pack. The beautiful and fun colours made me think of them! :)

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