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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Surprise Art Gifts For Me!!

Photo: Whooo Hooo!! I received this wonderful homemade art bag in the mail today as a gift from Rhylla. The underside of the strap as well as the 2 detachable zippered supply bags (1 in my hands) have a sewn ribbon "Karen Oliver's Fine Art". How great is that! There is also a small pocket inside for my keys/money etc. All so very personal and designed specifically for me. I guess it paid to drag my art supplies in a plastic bag on our holiday with Rhylla and Brian in Tuscon. Thanks Rhylla!!!!! :)

This is a wonderful homemade travel bag for my art supplies made especially for me by my friend Rylla. The underside of the strap has an embroidered "Karen Oliver's Fine Art"! There are two bags (I'm displaying one) that are velcro'ed on the inside of the bag and has the same embroidery on each one. The large bag has wsewn in pocket (for keys etc) and zips up on the top to hold everything in. How perfect is this!! We went on a vacation to Tuscon with Brian and Rylla and she had a wonderful bag for her knitting. My travel art supplies were in a beat up plastic ziplock I can travel in style!!! Whooo Hoooo!

The second surprise gift this week was from my fellow painter Debbie. She gave Linda and I a homemade travel size book. Debbie made this the perfect size for holiday sketches or journalling. She made the book so it opens flat and filled it with watercolour paper....perfect! Now I have no excuses for not painting while on holidays. A huge thank you!

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