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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Alberta Culture Days

I enjoyed an extended morning/early afternoon at the Leighton Centre outside of Calgary. It was Alberta Culture Days and I had a chance to learn about leather tooling & painting, pottery and made a felting lady bug!

I set my easel up in front of the Leighton Centre to enjoy painting a very small part of a very large view. They had painting demo's going on inside the Leighton Centre and I enjoyed hearing the sounds of talking without hearing actual words. One of the demo/activies was put on by Isabel Porto (Perceptual Drawing on a clear skin put on the windows). People looked out the window and drew what they could see by basically tracing the outline. It was very cool to try, watch and look at when done. The fun part for me is when I went inside, I could see myself drawn by a number of people at different heights. You can see me painting in my blue coat.

Photos courtesy of Isabel Porto (thanks!), drawings courtesy of a lot of people enjoying themselves at the Leighton Centre, Alberta Culture Days.

Leighton View, Alberta Culture Days
10" x 8" plein air

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