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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Finished Sketch Book

 I finally finished the sketch book that I have been hauling around with me. I just had foot surgery so a lot of the sketches were done while waiting in doctor's offices or labs. I am especially happy to start a new one as the old one was thin paper and if I used water colour it all curled up and I could not blend any of the colours. When I was in Mexico I was shown how to break water colour paper up and put a plastic cover and round bindings on it so I have no excuses now. I made 3 small ones so it would not take me forever to fill one and I could easily carry it with Mexican souveniers.

 These sketches were done while travelling in the car from Sicamous B.C. to Calgary Alberta through the Rocky Mountains. Hard to sketch in the moving car but when you are not worried about the end result, you really look at the quickly passing scenery.

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