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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tulip Festival - Calgary Sketch Club Painting Exchange

"Tulip Festival"
9" x 12"  Oil on canvas 
This painting was my celebration of spring. It always makes me happy to see tulips begin to open and show their brilliant colours. I took this painting to our Calgary Sketch Club awards and wind up party last Thursday. I sat beside Tami and we both commiserated on bringing a painting that we did not care for to our first wind up club party. At our party who ever wants to participate brings a painting and then a draw is done where the # you pull out corresponds to the painting you get. The choices were beautiful. Tami and I were sitting beside each other. I drew my number and it was Tami's beautiful painting then Tami drew a number and it was my painting, we had a good laugh over that.

This is my beautiful painting by Tami Hort
Resin on Oil  20" x 10"

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