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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vine Ripe - Grape Escape Series #1

"Vine Ripe"
Oil on canvas board   10" x 8"

We were almost flooded in Sicamous B.C. this spring. I was on "pump duty" making sure all the pumps were working and minimal water was coming in. Kathy Kean had gifted me a calendar she made for her overseas family of her beautiful garden. She had a photo of grapes hanging on a metal fence and this is my rendition. I was talking to Joan Keating saying that I needed names for a series of grape paintings I was doing and could she send me some names. Her husband came up with the name of "Grape Escape" and just like that I had a perfect name for my series. Painting this series was both a mental and physical break/escape from all the flood work. Thanks Kathy, Joan and Ross! I gave this painting to Kathy as a gift.

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