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Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Gratitude Gift in Melaque, Mexico

Gord and I joined my brother and sister-in-law (Ken and Marg) for a week in Melaque, Mexico. They had already been there for 3 weeks and we just did whatever they were doing including Spanish lessons. Juan Emmanuel was giving them private lessons for an hour each day so we joined in (I was way behind them but enjoyed trying to figure out what I could). I painted a small water colour sketch of their home in my sketch book. then painted a larger one and put it in a frame we brought. They were confused as to why I would paint their house, then extremely grateful when they realized it was a gift for them that I had personally painted. The bright white nose and marks on our heads is just the sunshine (great placement!). It was wonderful to get a photo with the whole family.

The painting on the right is the original ink and water colour sketch of their home, Our lesson was usually on the upper floor balcony. They also had rental units in the building and a laundry service.

We had a great time with Ken and Marg and the week flew by! Marg is also an artist so we were quick to bring out our sketch books whenever we could. 

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