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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ingrid Christensen workshop

This is an oil painting I did at Ingrid Christensen's one day workshop at Calgary School of Art. It was a really fun day and I was happy with the results. Ingrid set up 2 flower still lifes and we could choose which one we wanted to paint. There were 5 students and with 3 of us doing the same still life and 2 doing the other. It was incredible how different they all looked. Ingrid did a demo and showed us how to do an underpainting with a rough painted sketch. I hadn't worked in oil so it was a very interesting, fun and frustrating. It was like knowing how to play the piano and then picking up a trombone and trying to play! I wasn't used to paint that wasn't dry and kept picking up everything underneath where I wanted to paint!

Ingrid's teaching style was to enjoy, have fun, and learn in an encouraging environment. I would highly recommend taking a class from her! Her blog is:  I put the painting up in our lunch room at work (my gallery) and have already had an offer to buy it. I am not ready to let it go yet though.

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