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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speed painting - Flower series

Flower series #1 6"x6" Oil on board

Helen inspired me with her quick paintings of faces. She got up early in the morning, set her timer for 1/2 an hour and that is the time she had to paint before getting ready to work. I loved her free and loose paintings, they had such energy! I decided to give it a try myself for 4 workdays a week. Instead of faces, my focus will be flowers. Again 1/2 an hour is the time limit (that goes by way to fast).

Flower series #2 6"x6" Oil on board

It is surprisingly easy to get out of bed early to paint, but hard to stop. It is particularily hard when I am not finished or satisfied with where I have stopped. I may go back into them at a later date. 

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