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Friday, April 13, 2012

Early Morning Flower Series #3 and #4

Morning Flower Series #3
6" x 6" Oil on board

This is the third early morning painting. As stated in the last blog, Helen inspired me with her early morning/before work small paintings. Well I tried and the half an hour goes by way to fast, I just want to keep going as I am not done! Alas, the work bell tolls and off I go. The good news is I can hardly wait to get home and finish the painting. I have not been able to work on any bigger pieces since I finished Ingrid's class, due to time constraints.

Morning Flower Series #4
6" x 6" Oil on board

I was surprised when I posted this, how similar the backgrounds are. I painted these and set them aside to dry and had not noticed the similarity until I photographed them. I really enjoy the looseness and not getting bogged down in details due to time constraints. It certainly is easy to pop out of bed early in the morning to paint.


  1. These are lovely Karen! I especially like morning flower series #4.

  2. Thanks Marie, I appreciate your feedback!