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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Newton - A commissioned dog portrait

``Newton`` - NFS (Comissioned)
12`` x 16`` Acrylic on canvas

This dog portrait is a Christmas gift for Shelly`s hubby. Newton was posed at the table during some family fun. He looks like he is in the middle of a serious discussion with you and with a cold drink in paw, ready to hear you out. Painting a dog pretty much all one colour was a fun challenge. I thought the old fashioned yellowy-green pop glass fitted the picture better.


  1. Karen, you did very well on this one. The dogs fur looks so real and the green pop glass gives that punch of colour. The coke bottle is a nice touch of whimsy!


  2. Thanks Marie. I really struggled with a dog that was almost one colour, on how to give him definition. The owner was really happy with the final result, which really made me happy. Merry Christmas!