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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whidbey Island Workshop - Day 2

12" x 12"
Oil on canvas board
This is the painting I did on day 2 in Dreama Tolle Perry's workshop. We all painted this from a photocopy of a picture from Dreama. The groans were very audible as this was a very complicated picture. Dreama again showed us how she minimized the photo, did the under painting and then how to get started.  The 12"x12" was different, but it certainly worked for this picture as there was so much in it. Most people left out the folded up umbrella, but I put it in mine.
It was fun to work with these colours and just dove in. I was really hoping to do a building or something other than flowers so I was pleased and intimidated as well. Dreama walked from easel to easel helping us with the "wonky" chairs (which were very difficult for most people).
Again Deb and I stayed until our paintings were complete. I was very happy with the day and my painting.


  1. Thanks Susan. This workshop was really fun. Going with another artist made for a very visual holiday.