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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Whidbey Island Workshop - Day 3

This was our final workshop day and had to head to the ferry then the airport to go home. Dreama Tolle Perry talked about the "business" of art and how she manages her own art business. It was very interesting in how she grew and what she did as well as talk about self promotion which is hard for most artists. After that we worked on a small painting 8" x 8". Dreama handed out about 5 different pictures (the yellow icing cupcake picture was painted upside down). We started on our painting and blocked it in then she had us move to the next easel and continue painting on that one with whatever paints the artist had on her palette. We moved to 6 easels with an unknown time frame at each.

It was interesting moving on to the next easel and look at what others had painted, deciding what you liked, what you didn't and what you were going to paint on it. For tight painters it was mortifying to follow a loose painter and vice versa. Here is my cupcake painting that I arrived back to. We were allowed 5 paint strokes then had to quit. I am still hoping to work on it at home and make it mine. I really enjoyed this challenge and learnt a lot from it.

Dreama just put her photos of the weekend on her website. My blue vase painting is in the second row on the left and the bottom photo is of Deb and I painting at our easels.


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