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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zhaoming Wu workshop

Tami worked hard over a 3 year period to get a workshop for the FCA by Zhaoming Wu. A demo evening and 2 workshops (Mon-Thursday and Fri-Sunday) were completed to the absolute delight of the attendees. The workshop was on figures with live models.

Zhaoming did a demo in the morning, then the artists all worked from the live model in the afternoons. The idea was not to complete a finished painting, but rather to work in the steps, style and under the direction of Zhaoming. I could of just watched him paint as it was magic to see a figure develop on his canvas. Alas, the same magic did not appear on mine, but I certainly learned a lot. We did two figure studies and one portrait over the three days, again not to completion. I think some of the artists worked on finishing theirs at home from photographs taken. I have not worked on mine, so remember that this is not finished....

12" x 16"
oil on panel
This model was thin and tall. I found it challenging to continue painting after she had taken a break as her face and clothing would be in a slightly different position, very different from painting landscape or from a photo!. I was pleased with how far I got on the this painting.

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