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Friday, February 5, 2016

Workshop with Doug Swinton-Saturday

click on picture for a larger view

I painted these 8" x 10" oil paintings all in one day in a workshop last weekend with Doug Swinton. His course was over an evening and two days. He taught the class on Friday night and did a demo, using a lot of examples and every day experiences to describe common problems in painting. We set up Friday night so we were ready to go first thing Saturday morning. He gave us approximately 20 minutes to paint the picture projected on the wall. With this lack of time we could not get bogged down in details and had to get over the fear of starting.

Doug walked from easel to easel to offer help, words of encouragement or to paint right on our canvas to explain the process. We then had about 5 minutes to put our wet paintings on cardboard in another room and clean our palette, then on to the next one. Wow, boot camp for artists! I will post Sunday's paintings later.

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