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Monday, February 8, 2016

Workshop with Doug Swinton-Sunday

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I painted these 8" x 10" oil paintings all on the second day in a work shop with Doug Swinton. Again, we set up Saturday night with clean, full palettes and lots of brushes. These paintings were done in the same format of approx. 20 minutes (up to 30 if Doug was distracted enough). Instead of 10 paintings everyone completed 8. We just ran out of steam.

To hear the groans when the photos were projected on the wall was really funny. The subject matter was so varied, there was something for everyone and we were really challenged to paint subjects or vistas we would of never chosen for ourselves. I went home with that really exhausted but happy feeling. I learnt a lot, especially where I was challenged...with values but could see the progression over the workshop. I would highly recommend this class to oil or acrylic painters, just be prepared to go through A LOT of paint!

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