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Monday, June 27, 2016

TRAIL MIX - Salmon Arm Art Gallery

I was lucky enough to be one of the artists juried in to this amazing show "Artists and Guides Explore The Shuswap". Selected artists went with a guide and photographer to a designated park or hiking area. Shirley was our guide and knew the Skimikin area in and out through her equestrian interests. She led CIan (photographer) and I up to Cougar Bluff where I painted two paintings. Shirley worked on clearing the trail and Clay took photos of the whole event and views while I painted. We ate lunch and hiked back down. Clay carried my large wet panel (16"x20") and I had all my oil painting supplies in a large backpack. 

"Next Generation" 10" x 8" En Plein Air Oil

"Cougar Bluff View" 16" x 20" En Plein Air Oil

After we said our good byes I stayed at Skimikin Lake and painted 3 more paintings until the light was flat (you can tell by the sky colour dimming) and I was losing interesting colours (and was in an exhilarating and exhausted state). I have never painted that much or that long en plein aire (outdoors on location) or indoors! The changing light was hard to give the paintings a cohesive feel and I wasn't used to painting orange lit hills.The five paintings are displayed with our write up and Clay's visual photographs of our day. The show is at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery and runs from July 1 to August 27.

 "Ready And Waiting" 10" x 8" En Plein Air Oil

"Skimikin Lake View" 10" x 8: En Plein Air Oil     "Dusk Lighting the Hills" 10" x 8"En Plein Air Oil

I am sooooooo excited after attending the "Meet The Artist, Guide and Photographer" for the Salmon Arm Art Gallery Trail Mix! Above are three pictures from the opening...the first is the "Trail Mix - Artist & Guides Explore the Shuswap" book for sale and the show brochure. The second picture is a photo of me beside my "en plein air" paintings (on site) and the last one is of photos taken by Ian of our shared day - hiking, clearing bush (Shirley, our guide kept busy) and Ian taking photos of the day.

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