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Sunday, September 3, 2017

EVB&P outing for en plein air

 "Hot Blossoms"
8" x 10"   En plein air oil on canvas board

"Hide and Seek"
8" x 10" En plein air oil on canvas board

I painted these two on a beautiful and hot day with the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette Club in/from Jean Ellithorpe's beautiful yard. Jean had chairs and small seating areas all around her stunning property. Artists were working in ink, pencil, water colour and oil and the variety of subjects and styles were very interesting. Although she thought her flowers were past their prime, there were plenty of varieties for everyone to draw or paint. Ornaments in the garden were beautiful, entertaining and a few had me chuckling. The ducks were having their fun in the lake and I loved trying to paint them while they bobbed up and down.

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