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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Donna Dickson painting workshop - Day 2 and 3

After a lunch out together, the afternoon was challenging. We had a much more difficult San Miguel de Allende street scene to draw out and then work on painting the dark sky, mottled plaster building, perspective and people. This was completely out of my comfort zone but I was here to learn so I took a big breath and began. Once again, we all painted from the same photo reference Donna provided.  I used one of  Donna's palettes and enjoyed the large mixing areas as well as her paints. Both these were done on 14" x 11"  Arches water colour paper.

This SMA street scene below was more challenging than it looks. Having to get perspective right, plaster buildings that make sense, crooked light posts, multiple sized flags and shadows were really challenging! Donna's demo's, instruction and encouragement made this class a really enjoyable learning experience. I would really recommend taking her class regardless of what your level of painting is, so much to learn and do. I really loved the local scenes and references. Donna also supplied a piece of local Mexican water colour paper which was different to paint on.

Paintings done by the class. You can see the variety of colours, sizes and centre of interest everyone chose. Amazing how different each painting is.

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