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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mount Royal University Centennial Mural now on display!

The closing of the MRU centennial celebration culminated with the unveiling of the MRU centennial mural. It resides at the East Gate entrance to the university. They have a large touch screen that will zoom directly to the panel you press so you can read about the panel. They had a group of 30 people that wrote about the history of MRU beside each panel. This is not viewed on the website. The website has the artist interpretation of the panel and their reason for doing what they did. The final picture with all the panels together is of the MRU founder reading a book and all the thoughts and history that comes out of the book.

You can go to the website here. Once there if you click on the individual panels, it will give you a close up and the information. The whole panel can be seen on the second grouping. The blank panels had colours and designs or shapes on it that you had to incorporate into your design. That is why some of the colours seem odd choices.

My first panel is #48 based on the aviation program is on the 2nd row, 13 from the right. Then I found out that they needed more panels painted with particular themes. I painted #131, 5 rows down, 11 from the left and #166 on the bottom row, 16 from the left. You can see the size of each panel in the picture on the left of me holding my panel when they were displayed individually.



Our son Curtis was also a student at MRU at the time and he painted #116, 4 rows down, 5 from the right. As he was an aviation student, he painted the cockpit in a spin. As a gift to every artist, they gave us a book with the panel images in it as well as the MRU historical information. It was a wonderful year of celebrations and I certainly enjoyed as many as I could.

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