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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Third figure class

This was my third figure class with Ingrid and last class for this session. I was away the previous week so I missed the demo and class. Our class worked on the same painting during this class. It was amazing and intimidating to see the wonderful and varied works in progress. I think everyone was happy to have a chance to finish a piece of work. We are in a semi circle around the model so everyone has a slightly different view, therefore, no work is the same. The shine of the oil really shows when taking a picture straight on.

You can see the models legs at the left, my painting (work in progress) straight ahead and the beautiful painting on the right being worked on for the second week. My view was very straight on. And yes, her hair was a very funky style, very short on one side and long on the other.
Oil on canvas board 12 x 16

This is as far as I got in the class. I would of really enjoyed having a second class to work on it. I am happy with how it evolved. The model was amazing and worked hard to sit exactly in the same position after taking stretching breaks.

I have signed up for the next session of classes with Ingrid, again on figure and still life with the addition of florals. I wasn't going to sign up as I find that December and January are just to busy work wise and I don't have much energy after work, but this group is so fun to paint with and I enjoy Ingrid's style of stay tuned, more oil work to come!

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