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Monday, October 15, 2012

I have a website!!

I am still doing a happy dance!!! My sister Shannon helped me start a website for my art. We did an exchange...while I was sewing a quilt with her sky diving t-shirts, she was working on starting a website for me. I was power sewing and answering her questions (not easy using the right and left side of the brain at the same time). Shannon did a website as part of her Masters degree so she knew what she was doing.

The second best part was the funny things she had put on the website that I did not see until I went in to add pictures & information...under pet portraits, her dog Chi Chi was the star!
Chi Chi
Oil on canvas board 11" x 14" NFS

Under "about the artist" she had listed my family members as "a husband named after a vegetable" (Gord) and 2 kids that would rather fly than bike, walk etc (pilot and flight attendant). Loved all the tid bits I found as I was loading pictures etc. We both enjoy humour (sometimes very easily amused) and can tickle each others funny bone. Love that girl!!

If you get a chance to check it out, go to:  Oh yeah, happy dance!

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