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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Painting a live model

20 minute warm up
Oil on board 12" x 12"

The painting above was done with a live model in my weekly class with Ingrid Christensen We were given 20 minutes to do a quick "warm up" painting of a live model before she put her dress on. We had our easels in a circle around her so each artist had a different view. I was quite relieved that mine was of her back while she straddled the stool. I found the view of only one arm and both hands distracting mentally but painted what I saw rather than what my brain wanted me to do (fill in the other arm!). I was happy with this result. We worked on our painting from the model in the same position as last week (see previous post). 

Ingrid had done a quick portrait at the beginning of the class, then the model went back to last weeks pose. Once I had finished the full pose, I still had time left so with the front side view I thought I would quickly tackle her portrait, pushing the colours and painting quickly. It is not a flattering portrait but I am happy with how far I got with the time that I had. It is at least recognizable as a female person :)

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