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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Liana Bennett FCA workshop - "The Last Show"

I have read artists "story lines" for their art and always wonder how they come up with such descriptive ideas behind their art. I usually paint what inspires me. At Liana's "Abstracting The Figure" workshop, I had the experience of a full story in a painting develop before me. We were to paint a blank canvas using words, colours, designs, really anything that inspired us.

I started with a very colourful background (no surprise there) and printed the word "GRATITUDE" in capital letters across it, knowing full well it would probably be covered up. It looked like a funky graffiti wall. We were told to carve out a figure and the story began. The figure started to look like someone in period costume and it made me think of my Aunt Lynn that recently passed away. She was very involved in theater and as I saw this progress everything fit, the last dress up, last story delivered, last performance and with gratitude!

"The Last Show"
Acrylic on canvas board 20" x 16"

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