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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"New Moon Dance" Liana Bennett FCA workshop

What fun this 3 day workshop was!! It was called "Abstracting The Figure" and taught by Liana Bennett for the Calgary Chapter of the FCA. We worked on painting similar to Mark Rothko which did not interest me very much until I started painting and realized the layers and edges were a lot more intriguing to paint than to look at in a projected view. I really enjoyed the process. I also worked on two under-paintings. Next we took paper and drew a figure with conte and then cut it out, applied it to our "Rothko" and then decorated around and on top with acrylic paint. I think this one reflected how I was feeling and my enjoyment of this workshop. The dark marks at the top are the clips holding it to my board, it has the same coloured border all around.

"New Moon Dance"
Mixed media
24" x 18" on canvas

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