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Friday, November 11, 2016

Urban Sketchers of San Miguel de Allende

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 I had the wonderful experience of joining the Urban Sketchers of San Miguel de Allende for an afternoon of sketching on November 8, 2016. Colleen met me there and we sketched from the Azotea roof top terrace restaurant. There was a wonderful group of about 15 artists all sketching and painting the views, the restaurant/bar and each other, what ever struck their fancy. I was so happy to be included for this week's event and look forward to next week. These are the two sketches I did on regular sketch paper. I wish I had done it on water colour paper so I could have enjoyed some of the paint effects but was more than happy with the afternoon. Many thanks to the wonderful group of Urban Sketches for being so inclusive and welcoming!
Sketching people is not something I usually do because they always move. Jane was so absorbed in her own sketching that she ended up being a great model without knowing it.

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