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Saturday, November 19, 2016

More holiday sketches in San Miguel de Allende

On November 11 I sat on a park bench sketching and thinking about what November 11 means to me...the pictures, documentaries and movies about the real people that have and are fighting in wars. Every family has been touched by war. I used water colour pencils and ink in this one.

These two sketches above were done after a hike through a small Mexican village. The goats were in a brick barn and were extending their necks to get a good look at us as we went by. One fellow hiker made a "baaa" sound and the goats all answered back. The second sketch is of a plant that was growing on the power lines and on trees all over the place. They looked like Christmas ornaments to me but by the shear numbers of them they must be very invasive.

We saw these two types of cactus after hiking around the "de un jardin botanico" called El Charco del Ingenio on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende. The gardens and multiple paths were beautiful as was the view of the city below.

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