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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Final Travel Sketches in the UK - #6

 These are my sketches of the fun that Gord, Lucy and I had in Edinburgh Scotland. From a full regalia bagpiper, a foot high veggie burger, my first scotch, dressing up in period clothing at the National Museum of Scotland, funky outdoor music and learning about the royal Britannia ship were just some of the fun.

 Our last 2 nights were with the Hart's in their home. We were tired from Edinburgh so the last day was spent leisurely. We walked along the canals, enjoyed walking and having a coffee break in the Hampton Court Palace Gardens and walking through the beautiful park.
Barbara eagerly taught us how to play Rummikub. The first time she handily beat us (Gord and I played as one), and Lucy won the second game. The last night Barbara won again! We brought a crib game as a gift (in the shape of a bear) and only had time to teach Peter one game. I think challenges for both games will be played in the future.  It was a very different holiday for us and very enjoyable. We came home happily tired.

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