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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Travel Sketches in the UK #5

I celebrated my birthday at the Hart's home. I woke up to banners on the doors, balloons and presents!! We had a delicious celebratory barbeque with their friends Wanda and Steve. It was a very memorable birthday!

 We tried a variety of foods, a clotted cream tea (Gord in Shaftebury), curries (Indian and Thai), Full English Breakfast etc. A favourite dining spot was "Spoons" or Wetherspoons when we were travelling. Menu and grocery store items had the most common food allergens bolded so it was easy for me to feel comfortable with what I ate with my cow dairy allergy. I enjoyed a lot of latte coffees.
Barbara had also bought items I had never tried that were dairy free (very thoughtful).
Shaftesbury was high on our list. Our our fireplace in Sicamous is a large framed photo of this famous street that Gord's Dad had been given as a retirement gift. We now have a photo to add in the corner of the big one.

This sketch is a view from our AirBnB apartment balcony overlooking the river in Edinburgh Scotland. Lucy, Gord and I flew there for a 3 night stay. We packed in a lot of the sights while there and really enjoyed ourselves.

I painted a night time view of this scene and left it in a frame in the apartment as a thank you gift.

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