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Monday, June 4, 2018

100 sketches in 100 days #46, 47, 48

Elizabeth, Georgie and I are doing a challenge called "100 in 100 days" and you design what the hundred is. For me it is to do 100 sketches of live people in urban settings. With travelling I had the opportunity to do a lot of sketching in airports and on flights. My sketch book is small - 6 1/4" x 4" so it looks like I am writing not drawing. The tough part is you can't look at anyone to long or they look back at you.

This one was tough as she sat across from me in the airport. So hard to not look straight at her.

Some are quick sketches and then they move or get up as this fellow did. For some of these that I did not feel I got very far, I haven't counted in my 100.

Almost sketch hostages when they are in their seat on an airplane. The one on the left was sitting one row ahead, the other a couple rows ahead.

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