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Monday, June 11, 2018

Holiday memories in sketch book - UK

My husband Gord and I flew to London and were greeted by our friends Lucy and Barbara. We enjoyed a fabulous day in Brighton and enjoyed the seaside. Barbara had a bag of 2 pence pieces so we ran around playing the 2 p machines on the Brighton wharf. Lucy and I scoured machines for dropped 2p coins so our playing lasted a lot longer (so much fun). We were gifted with British things we love - English Ale, Harry Potter earrings (to go with my socks), beer opener, and Percy pigs candy. The next day we took a bus to Kingston Upon Thames with Barbara and Lucy and thoroughly enjoyed shopping at Primark (everyone came home with something), lunch on an outdoor deck by the Thames, back to their house for tapas in their garden, dinner inside and back to our hotel (whew those days flew by). This is the first page of my journal, crowded and busy as our time there was.

This is a drawing I did in one continuous ink line on the flight over. Even the writing was one continuous line. Much easier to look at people's feet not their heads (so they don't keep turning to look at who is looking at them!). A great way to pass time.

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